Setting the Map Datum to GDA 94 on Garmin watches

Ok, because this is typically a "Set once and forget" setting, it will be easy to forget it in the future when you get a new watch or if you need to reset to factory defaults.

The default map Geocentric Datum of Australia is GDA94 and is the same we use in the RFS. That means the latitude/longitude grid reference on our printed maps are the same on the watch face. 

To set the GPS display format on the watch:

  1. Go to: Menu > Settings > System > Format > Pos. Format
  2. Change the Format to MGRS
  3. Change the Datum to GDA 94
  4. Change the Speroid to GRS 80

Now when you long-press the GPS button it will display a 10 figure grid reference. For example:

56H KH 63241
MGRS 67108
Alt. 709

Map Datum Supported by Garmin GPS Devices