Importing Threatned Plant and Animal Species


  • Open the Bionet Atlas
  • Enter the search parameters


  • Click on Download Records, for a sanity check you have checked the right items you can click the View Map.
  • Then you need to unzip the file, there should be a TAB delimited TXT file
  • In QGIS, click the Add Delimited Text Layer Ctrl + Shift + T button


  • Browse for the file, then:
    1. Browse for file
    2. Layer name
    3. Tab-delimited
    4. Header lines to discard
    5. Coordinates
    6. Change to EPSG:3857
  • image-1601353991839.png


If the items don't appear on the map, edit the layer properties and change the Coordinate Reference System (CRS) to EPSG:4939 - GDA94.