Merge PDFs

Merge in Windows

Using PDF Creator, select and right-click PDFs to be merged. Click the merge button at the bottom, rearrange the files into the correct order then click Merge All. Complete the wizard.

Merge in Linux CLI

User a tool called pdfunite 

If it is not installed you can do so with:

apt install poppler-utils # Ubuntu
dnf install poppler-utils # Fedora

Merging the files

To merge the PDF documents, the syntax will be as shown

pdfunite file1.pdf file2.pdf merged_output.pdf

Confirm that the merged document worked and do things with it...

Merge in Linux GUI

Pdfsam is a simple, intuitive and easy to use GUI tool that is used to merge, split, rotate, edit and sign PDF documents. In this example, we are going to use the tool to merge PDF documents in Ubuntu 18.04. But first, let's install it

apt install openjdk-8-jre libopenjfx-jni libopenjfx-java openjfx

After successful installation, define the JAVA_HOME variable in /etc/environment path using your favorite editor.

nano /etc/environment

Append the following line.


Save and Exit

reload the file

source /etc/environment

Next, download the Debian package file from pdfsam's official site


Once downloaded, install the deb file using the dpkg command as shown.

dpkg -i pdfsam_3.3.6-1_all.deb

Sample Output

(Reading database ... 146399 files and directories currently installed.)
Preparing to unpack pdfsam_3.3.6-1_all.deb ...
Unpacking pdfsam-basic (3.3.6-1) over (3.3.6-1) ...
Setting up pdfsam-basic (3.3.6-1) ...
Processing triggers for gnome-menus (3.13.3-9) ...
Processing triggers for desktop-file-utils (0.23-1) ...
Processing triggers for mime-support (3.60) ...

To start pdfsam, run


merge PDF documents in Ubuntu 18.04

To merge documents, click on 'Merge' and drag and drop the files to be merged in the section provided.

merge PDF documents in Ubuntu 18.04

Feel free to specify other attributes in the 'Merge Settings' section and once done click on the 'Run' icon located at the bottom. Once done, you'll hear a 'ding' sound notifying you that the merging process is complete.

merge PDF documents in Ubuntu 18.04

As seen in the above examples, merging PDF files on Linux is very easy and straight forward on the terminal. Give it a try and let us know how it went. Your Feedback is much welcome in our comment section. Thank you and feel free to share this tutorial on your social handles.